Croco Mole
Croco Mole


Croco Mole

Sale price€199.90
Shaft Size:8mm (5/16″)
Mole Diameter:30mm (1.2″)


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Croco Mole from is a highly effective cutting head designed to reinstate junctions that have been lined over during pipe lining or grind up solid blockages in a matter of seconds. This cutting head is fused with hard metal bits at the front and rear, providing a cutting edge when pushed forward or pulled back. With this feature, you can drill through solid obstructions and continue grinding the blockage by pulling the shaft back.

This cutting head is perfect for PVC pipes, as the hard metal bits are only focused on the front and rear of the head. Unlike standard chains that can get trapped between chain links, this cutting head grinds up both big roots and smaller hair-like roots faster. It can be used together with the Circular Chain, a regular chain without a drill head, or even Nylon brushes to address a wide range of applications.

The number of hard metal panels may vary depending on the size you choose. The cutting head is designed to fit 8mm (1/3") - 10mm (2/5") and 12mm (1/2") flexible shafts, with bore diameters ranging from 30mm (1.2") - 40mm (1.6") - 50mm (2") depending on your selection. Order now from to experience its powerful cutting capabilities.

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