Drill Head, Croco
Drill Head, Croco


Drill Head, Croco

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SKU: PK0-016-006-000-K0
Drill Head Diameter:16mm (⅝")
Shaft Size:6mm (¼)


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Best tool to clear solid blockages in PVC pipes?

Are you having a nasty blockage in PVC pipe and want to clear it, but you worry about damaging the pipe itself during the unclogging process? Well, it's about damn time to get the Croco Drill Head from Pipemade.com!

This standalone drill head comes without any chains, and you can attach it securely via included hex screws to your flex shaft. If you want to multitask by cleaning the drain with chains while having the drill head in the front showing the way, it is possible. The drill attached to the front will clear the obstacles in the way and make enough room for the chain knockers that will take care of the rest.

This standalone tool, free of side cutting edges for safer operation, focuses all its cutting power at the front, ensuring efficient obstruction removal while preserving PVC pipe integrity.

Available in following sizes:

  • 16mm (⅝") for flex shaft thicknesses of 6mm (¼″) and 8mm (⁵⁄₁₆″)
  • 20mm (¾") for flex shaft thicknesses of 10mm (⅜″) and 12mm (½″)
  • 25mm (1") for flex shaft thicknesses of 8mm (⁵⁄₁₆″), 10mm (⅜″) and 12mm (½″)

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