Why Pipemade?

The Pipemade Manifesto

We entered the in-house small diameter relining & pipe rehab industry circa 2016. Even already back then, the market was lighting up around the world at an incredible phase. Long gone were the days of stiff liners unable to operate multiple bends or giving you smooth finishes around strict 90° bends. People were starting to understand more and more about the exceptional possibilities offered by modern high speed cleaning machines produced by brands like Picote Solutions. Not to say that the time for heavy and clumsy sectional machines was over, but the times were a-changing. Fast forward to 2022, we've come a loooong way even from just 2016. After being part of this awesome industry for the past 8 years, being involved in all of it - from equipment trading to contracting to installation training and all the way up to being part of official organisations tasked with building the global standards to stabilize relining's foothold in history, we finally came to a conclusion that we need to set up a company dedicated to serve individual professionals like you.

As the global in-house relining market keeps growing, you continuously find new players entering the market. There are manufacturers. Educators and trainers. There are industry specialists. Chemical manufacturers. Liner manufacturers. UV and Laser curing system developers. Spray and brush coating professionals. And like in all business, each and every one of these players has an agenda.

The thing is, most companies aren't upfront and transparent about their agenda. Which in most cases is of course, maximal financial gain.

Of course, we would be hypocrites to claim that Pipemade is any different in this regard. Of course we do this for the financial gain, as we too have houses to pay for. Families to provide for. But still, there is that one underlining main difference. We do this for YOU. We are not doing this for any single manufacturer. We are not doing this for affiliated gains. We hate smoke screens.

We spend massive amounts of time and money in sourcing you the very best solutions available in the market today. We test them tirelessly on our partners' jobsites, in real life situations, to bring you as much knowledge about the systems of choice as we humanly can so that you could dodge the ”trial and error” and the usual (massive) costs that come with it. We've come to learn that there is no one size fits all solutions in this game. Some chains operate through multiple bends better, but they also break more easily. Some stand a massive beating, but are not as nimble. Some drums take in more liner, but end up coating you lost liner meters per every installation due to bad positioning options or missing accessories.

This is why Pipemade was built. To take these bullets for you and give you the piece of mind that when buying from us, the tools you buy fit the purpose you procure them for. You’re safe with us.




The crazy serial entrepreneur behind Pipemade™.

Rooted in the industry through previous background with companies like Picote Solutions, SACPRO and Renssi, Atte is kind of a burdock that just can't seem to leave the industry - wanted or not.

Always working to make the whole industry better, be it through service ops like Pipemade, SaaS-based industry operating system like Pipefront, extensive educational program like Pipetribe or just giving his two cents for the next ISO standards created for the in-house lining industry, he's tirelessly working for the small diameter pipe rehab industry globally.

Good luck trying to get him to skip his breakfast smoothies.

Contact: atte(at)pipemade.com



The systemized mind keeping Pipemade's operations on track. Thanks to this guy, you'll always receive what you've ordered. If you need support and assistance, Waltteri is the one who makes sure there's always someone to answer you in a channel you'd appreciate the most.

New to the industry itself, Waltteri has only been absorbing knowledge and information about relining & drains for few years now, but holy sh*t he's learning fast. Awesome getting sh*t done attitude, that serves you as our customer in the best way possible!

Ridiculously awesome impersonator to such a wide catalogue of people.

Contact: waltteri(at)pipemade.com

Couple of thoughts about

Pipemade Core Values


Dedication is what has brought a lot of goods to our customers, and to us as well. Dedication and persistence brings results every. Single. Time.

Right thing

This one is simple. DO THE RIGHT THING. Always. Really, ALWAYS. Do it even when it's not the easy way forward - or especially then.

Forever Loyal

Loyalty is a two-way street we've come to expect and deliver in all of our partnerships. Trust is everything, and you can only loose it once.

I just love working with the Pipemade guys. They always live up to their values. The dedication. The loyalty. That is something that this industry of ours so sorely needs.

Kalle Kuusisto | Picote Solutions

Company FAQ

We're a small business

By buying from us, you’re not feeding a million dollar corporation but a small business ran by dedicated entrepreneurs pledged to serve you loyally.

Our catalogue is not perfect, as we also need to start somewhere. We build as we go.

If there's anything specific you'd like us to offer, you're in luck as we've built quite a procurement empire for ourselves over the years in the industry. Please fill out our Product Request Form and we'll be more than happy to take a look if we can serve you better.

Bro. Our deliveries might take a moment as we are a small business, whose warehousing operations are currently located in Finland. As we gain foothold in global markets, we’ll extend our stocks to local locations nearest to you as soon as we can.

We are already looking to offer fulfillment locations outside of Europe. Initial assessment of these locations is in process, we'll update you through our newsletter and News channel as we make progress.

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