Cable & Flex Shaft Carrier
Cable & Flex Shaft Carrier
Cable & Flex Shaft Carrier
Cable & Flex Shaft Carrier
Cable & Flex Shaft Carrier
Cable & Flex Shaft Carrier
Cable & Flex Shaft Carrier


Cable & Flex Shaft Carrier

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Embrace Effortless Drain Cleaning with Zewer's Cable & Flex Shaft Carrier

Calling all drain professionals worldwide! Discover a neater, cleaner way of managing your drain cleaning cables and flex shafts. Zewer's Cable & Flex Shaft Carrier, now available on Pipemade, is here to transform your service calls.

Compact, Convenient, and Clutter-Free

Bid farewell to clumsy cable management. Our Cable & Flex Shaft Carrier neatly stores up to 15 meters (approximately 50 feet) of shaft in a tidy, easy-to-carry enclosure. Got a drain cleaning mission? Run your cable or flex shaft directly from the carrier, no full unpacking required.

Extra Room? Certainly!

Fancy working with smaller shaft sizes like 6mm or 8mm (around 1/4 or 5/16 inches)? Your Cable & Flex Shaft Carrier can hold more of these smaller sizes. Just keep in mind not to overstuff if you're keen on using the drive properties - we don't want any flex shaft overload!

Smart Storage & Stand Tall

When off-duty, your Cable & Flex Shaft Carrier knows how to take it easy. Strap it up by the handle or let it stand proudly on its own feet, ready to get back into action when duty calls.

Showcase Your Brand

The back of the carrier is your blank canvas. A spacious, round area awaits your logo sticker. Let your brand shine with a custom-branded Cable & Flex Shaft Carrier, and make a statement in the drain-cleaning arena.

Eco-Conscious & Resilient

Doing your bit for the environment while tackling those drains? We hear you. Crafted in Finland from recycled plastics, our Cable & Flex Shaft Carrier is tough, durable, and green – the ideal partner for any plumbing professional.

Plumbers and drain professionals, it's time to level up your toolkit with Zewer's Cable & Flex Shaft Carrier. It's the must-have drain cleaning tool you've been waiting for, and it's right here on Pipemade. Place it in your cart today and experience a whole new level of drain cleaning efficiency!

Shaft diameter Maximum length of shaft for operating from carrier Maximum length of shaft for preservation only
6mm (1/4″) 20m (65ft) 30m (100ft)
8mm (5/16″) 20m (65ft) 30m (100ft)
10mm (3/8″) 15m (50ft) 20m (65ft)
12mm (1/2″) 15m (50ft) 15m (50ft)
Technical specifications

Dimensions: 54 x 45 x 16cm (about 21 1/4 x 17 3/4 x 6 1/4 inches)
Weight: A light 1.4 KG (roughly 3 lbs)
Entry hole: A generous 29 cm (close to 11 1/2 inches)

This product does not include the flexible shaft. The flexible shaft must be bought seperately

Size Chart / System Conversion