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Welcome to the brand new Pipemade shop for pipe tech professionals!

It's been a long time in the making, and now we're finally here - here's our quick hello!

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It's been a long time in the making, and now we're finally here!

The team behind Pipemade has been working in the trenchless pipe lining & rehabilitation industry for almost a decade. We've been assisting 19 different countries find new ventures in small diameter in-house pipe rehabilitation by distribution of tools, materials and equipment developed in the Nordic markets.

As we spent those long days in the industry, we quickly learned that the drain techs aren't the only ones that can appreciate the development we had made in the pipe relining industry. The high-speed cleaning machines that were originally developed for quick and efficient wall-to-wall cleaning of cast iron stacks and preparing PVC laterals for liner inversion were also a great substitute for many of the machines traditional plumbers and HVAC maintenance techs had been using for years.

That's when we started to focus our training efforts towards these other industry professionals outside of the in-house relining market as well, and that's also one of the foundational motivations behind the birth of Pipemade.

We want to offer our expertise and our vast, high quality collection of tools and equipment to every professional working in the pipeline industry - whether you're a plumber, an industrial maintenance technician or cleaning HVAC ducts for a living, you should hear us out.

We want to assist you in making your business more future-proof, more profitable, make your technicians get more out of their hours and ultimately your business more rugged, and your customers happier than ever.

Take a look around our store and snoop around our blog as well - it's full of valuable tips for professionals. Not just regarding our products, but generally your business as well.

We are so happy to have you here - we sincerely hope we'll venture towards great things together!

We would also love to welcome any & all feedback regarding our store, our thoroughly curated selection of quality products and all of our content available here. Good or bad, please let us know!

Please remember to reference our Small Shop Guide for getting most out of your shopping experience with us!

Thank you for visiting us. Have an awesome day!



Atte & the Pipemade Staff


P.S. If anybody didn't tell you today - you're awesome!