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Picote Original Cannon | CIPP Lining Tools | Picote Solutions | picote-original-cannon

Picote Solutions

Picote Original Cannon

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SKU: PI-12-001


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Light & transparent tool for short CIPP installations.

The Picote Original Cannon's compact design and extremely light weight enables lining where inversion drums just can't reach.

Constructed from heavy-duty transparent polycarbonate and aluminum, the transparent body allows you to watch the liner inversion in real-time, giving more visibility and control. Both Cannon sizes come with multiple Inversion Heads and a Fast Cap. This allows you to shoot a liner, clamp it, then disconnect the Cannon altogether and install the Fast Cap. Then simply reconnect your air hose and release the clamp.

With the Fast Cap, your Cannon is immediately free again for another liner install. Also available: the NEW Cannon Fast Cap with Smart Heat Cable Inlet. Use with the Smart Heat Miller/Cable for faster curing with no steam, water or mess!

Includes 3 Inversion Heads (DN50, DN70, DN100) and 1 Fast Cap.

-Compact lightweight design - extremely portable!
-Transparent body gives more visibility & control.
-Camera insert creates an airtight seal around the camera line, keeping the liner inflated, allowing you to push the camera down the pipe for inspection prior to curing. -Built-in pressure relief control.
-Maximum operation pressure of 2 bar (29 psi).
-A lining rope can also be brought through the Cannon air sealing package with the camera rod. This enables you control the liner during installation process (if needed).
-Cannon Fast Cap with Smart Heat Cable Inlet allows you to insert a Smart Heat Cable making the liner curing process faster.

Original Cannon Technical Specifications
-Empty Weight 6.2kg (14 lbs)
-Full Weight 15kg (33 lbs)
-Overall Length 117.5cm (46")
-Liner Capacity
-DN50 (2")15m (49 ft)
-DN75 (3") 10m (33 ft)
-DN100 (4") 7m (23 ft)

Size Chart / System Conversion