Product Update: Picote Connection Collar System

Product Update: Picote Connection Collar System

Learn everything you need to know about the new Picote Connection Collar System 2.0 - What it is, how to set things up & more!
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The Picote Connection Collar System is finally here & ready to take some names!

It's been a lengthy development process,but now the system is finally available and cool AF.

The CCS system consists of few core components:

1. Connection Collar System Packer

2. Connection Collar System Bladders

3. Connection Collars themselves.


That's the system in essence. Of course there are some nips & picks for setting up the whole thing, including some strap ratchets, stainless steel bands, lubes and tapes, but generally the system is really straight forward, easy to learn, durable and high performance.

Check out how to set up your CCS System:

With this system you'll be able to repair & renovate multiple T, Y & Double Connections by installing a tailormade, resin-infused connection liner in place in to your damaged junctions & branches.

You can use connection lining as a standalone tool in your toolkit, or you can upsell connection liners as part of your lining projects. If you're already installing multiple liners into the system, why not conduct a 100% lining, effectively making the system seamless?

Picote is also producing high performance Connection Liners (or Collars, as they call them). What's different between Picote's connection liners to what everyone else is supplying, Picote's connection liners are actually seam sealed.

As the seams are completely sealed, the connection liners are completely 100% leak proof and do not leak epoxy resin through their seams when installed. This is an important final quality factor for long serving, leak proof connection repairs.

If you're interested in checking out the Picote CCS products, scroll down!

If there is anything further you'd like to know about the new CCS system, please contact us through phone, email or the shop chat - we're here to help!

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

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