A Small Shop Guide for Pipemade Pro Shop!

A Small Shop Guide for Pipemade Pro Shop!

What is Pipemade? Who's behind it? We're spilling all the beans here!
Welcome to the brand new Pipemade shop for pipe tech professionals! Reading A Small Shop Guide for Pipemade Pro Shop! 3 minutes

After what feels like an eternity, we finally reached the day when the Pipemade Store is finally open and ready to serve you hardworking professionals!

Just to make your experience with us as enjoyable as possible, we would love to bring out couple of points about our operations.

First of all, we are crazy about transparency & trust so we want to line up our policies here for whenever you feel like you need them:

  • Refund policy: https://www.pipemade.com/policies/refund-policy
  • Privacy policy: https://www.pipemade.com/policies/privacy-policy
  • Terms of service: https://www.pipemade.com/policies/terms-of-service
  • Shipping policy: https://www.pipemade.com/policies/shipping-policy

If you have any questions regarding our general policies, please let us know. We're here to help!

Secondly, as we are in the very early steps of our ecommerce journey, please be patient with us. We are supplying some of the coolest equipment manufacturers in the world like Picote Solutions, Zewer and Spraypoxy. This doesn't happen easily and overnight for a small business, but we're getting pretty good at this.

If you feel like you have any questions or doubts about our stores shipping policies or shipping costs, and especially if you are making a bigger purchase, please contact us directly through sales(at)pipemade.com and we can help you out with potential quantity discounts and consolidated shippings. Again, we are here for you!


In good and bad, we are a small business.

We feel like we're obligated to emphasize this for you guys, and be really transparent about this. Being a small business, with real faces behind owning up everything we do, it's something that is building a huge part of the Pipemade character.

This means that you always get personal service. You get to talk with people who really care about you and your business, and that you succeed with the endeavours you choose to go after.

This also means that as we are building up the business, we can't operate like a massive multi-million corporation from the beginning. We will be able to ship 99% of the items found in our store within hours of your order, but at this moment in time it comes with a trade-off: we currently have to store our goods in multiple warehouses. Each of our represented brands are stored in it's own warehouse and therefore if and when you order multiple brands with one cart, you'll receive an contact from our support asking whether you'd like to have your order handled as one order & with one unified shipping, or receive the shipment shipped from each brand warehouse separately. The tradeoff is ultimately about a bit higher delivery costs versus a bit higher delivery time.

When buying from us, you're supporting a small business (probably just like yours).

We appreciate each and every transaction and contact, and we hope to become your new favourite partner in everything we can.

Looking forward to serving you,

Atte & Waltteri + rest of the team Pipemade.