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Spraypoxy Professional Kit

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The Professional Kit includes everything you need for full-fledged in-house pipe coating operations.

The kit includes all of the necessary tools for cleaning the pipes prior to the coating process, as well as everything you need for installing layers of coating, drying the pipes and more.

No more head-scratching about whether you've got everything you need on site or not - we'll promise you, you do.

The kit includes:



SPMCWC1 Midicoater 1,00 pcs

SPCM0003 Ø23mm Pipe Inspection Camera 1,00 pcs

SPCH001 Cartridge Heater 1,00 pcs

SPWME Spraypoxy Spray Head Washing Machine 1,00 pcs

SPCH002 Cartridge Heating/Cooling Box 1,00 pcs


Epoxy & Wash Resins:

SPEC005 Epoxy cartridge 1,8 kg Spray Coat+ Blue 60,00 pcs

SPWSH Spray Wash 3L 3,00 pcs (For the removal of fresh epoxy stains. Operating temperature 5 ° C to 25 ° C. Made in EU)



MCHPH0010 Midicoater Heated Hose Package 10M 1,00 pcs

MCHPH0020 Midicoater Heated Hose Package 20M 1,00 pcs


Connectors & Tools:

SPHC0011 Hose Connector 2 - Way 6,00 pcs Green

SPC0007 Knipex Ear Clamps 1,00 pcs

SPC0008 Precision clamp 9.5mm 100pcs 1,00 pcs

TKK-1027 Y-connection 8mm 100,00 pcs (With Y connection you can connect two 8mm hoses to flexible mixer.)

TKK-1029 Straight Connection 8-8 mm 4,00 pcs

TKK-1042 Straight Connection 6-6 mm 4,00

MCSH003 Epoxy hose 8/6mm / 50m rll 1,00 rll

HFS0001 Hose For Sprayhead 100m, 6/4mm 1,00 pcs

SPFM001 Flexible Mixer Standard 10 Pcs Package 10,00 10 pcs

TKK-1052 Sprayhead Mini hose connector 10,00 pcs


Sprayheads & Centralizers:

TKK-1043 Sprayhead Mini 2,00 pcs

TKK-1024 Sprayhead normal 2,00 pcs

TKK-1025 Sprayhead normal + 2,00 pcs (For 75 - 150mm pipes 3" to 6" pipes)

TKK-1033 Sprayhead small 2,00 pcs

TKK-1065 Sprayhead small + 2,00 pcs (Sprayhead small with edge, edge helps to keep flexible centeralizers on correct spot.)

MSFC-0001 Mini Flexi Centralizer 2,00 pcs

TKK-1011 TKK-1 Sprayer Head Centralizer DN 50 1,00 pcs

TKK-1012 TKK-1 Sprayer Head Centralizer DN 70-80 1,00 pcs

TKK-1013 TKK-1 Sprayer Head Centralizer DN 100 1,00 pcs

TKK-1014 TKK-1 Sprayer Head Centralizer DN 150 1,00 pcs

TKK-1058 Flexible Centralizer DN 50 - DN 100 2,00 pcs


Flexible shafts & Adapters:

SPC0003 Coating Brush Cable 6mm - 8m 2,00 pcs

LFTCC810M Low Friction Teflon Coating Cable 8mm - 10 m 4,00 pcs

LFTCC85M Low Friction Teflon Coating Cable 8mm - 5 m 2,00 pcs

SMCE-08 8mm Cable extension 6,00 Pcs

BS-02 Brush Stopper Ø8mm 20,00 pcs

BS-1 Brush Stopper Ø6mm 10,00 pcs


Coating Brushes:

SH-035-6 Coating brush Ø35mm-6mm Cable 3,00 pcs

BH-080-06-03 Coating brush Ø80mm-6mm cable/0,30mm bristle 5,00 pcs

SH-050-08 Coating brush Ø50mm-8mm cable 6,00 pcs

SH-070-08 Coating brush Ø70mm-8mm cable 6,00 pcs

SH-100-08 Coating brush Ø100mm-8mm cable 8,00 pcs

SH-125-08 Coating brush Ø125mm-8mm cable 6,00 pcs

SH-150-08 Coating brush Ø150mm-8mm cable 4,00 pcs


Cleaning Brushes:

CBH-050-8 Carbide brush Ø50mm-8mm cable 4,00 pcs

CBH-75-8 Carbide brush Ø75mm-8mm cable 4,00 pcs

CBH-105-8 Carbide brush Ø105mm-8mm cable 4,00 pcs

CBH-125-8 Carbide brush Ø125mm-8mm cable 4,00 pcs


Cleaning Chains:

SC-06-032-3, 1 X-Chain for 6mm cable for 32mm pipes 3,00 pcs

SC-06-050-3, 3 X-Chain for 6mm cable for 50mm pipes 3,00 pcs

SC-08-050-3, 5 X-Chain Ø50mm (2"), 8mm Cable, 3,5mm chains 3,00 pcs

SC-08-075-4 X-Chain Ø75mm (3"), 8mm cable, 4mm chains 3,00 pcs

SC-08-100-4 X-Chain Ø100mm (4"), 8mm cable, 4mm chains 3,00 pcs

SC-08-150-04 X-Chain for 8mm cable for 150mm pipes 3,00 pcs

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