Drill Headed Croco Chain Knocker
Drill Headed Croco Chain Knocker
Drill Headed Croco Chain Knocker
Drill Headed Croco Chain Knocker
Drill Headed Croco Chain Knocker
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Drill Headed Croco Chain Knocker

Sale price£71.00
SKU: ZE-04-001
Pipe Size:DN75 (3″)
Shaft Size:8mm (5/16″)
Chain Diameter:4.5mm (0.17")


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Best tool for drain blockage removal and grinding collapsed liners?

Our Drill Headed Croco Chain is a masterpiece designed & manufactured for the sole purpose of offering maximum cleaning power for hard material pipes such as cast iron. Wall-to-wall cleaning is a breeze. and this bad boy also decimates roots. collapsed liners where entrance available and more. With the integrated drill head. you'll be able to pierce through roots and other hard blockages with ease.

Manufactured out of high quality 4.5mm (0.17") thick Stainless Steel and equipped with unique curved diamond-edged block of super tough Carbide Tips. this tool is the necessity in every pipe tech's tool box.

What size of pipes can i work on?

Available for pipe sizes ranging from DN75 (3″) up to DN250 (10″).

What size of flexible shaft is needed?

Available for shaft sizes of 8mm (5/16″). 10mm (3/8″) and 12mm (1/2″).

Croco drain chain knocker without drill head

Croco Chain Knocker is a really good option when the drill head is not needed in drain descaling operations.

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