102/204 Flexible Shaft Set With Friction Bearings
102/204 Flexible Shaft Set With Friction Bearings


102/204 Flexible Shaft Set With Friction Bearings

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Shaft Model:Ridgid 102


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Pipemade.com is offering a complete flexible shaft with a sleeve and either a 102 or 204 adapter that is compatible with your Ridgid 102/204 machine. The adapter is already crimped onto the flexible shaft, so there is no need for a crimping tool. The cable for the K9-102 is 15 meters long, and the shaft is 1/4" (6mm) in diameter, while the flexible shaft for the K9-204 is 20 meters long and uses a 5/16" (8mm) diameter shaft.

Please note that this is not an original Ridgid flexible shaft, and we do not offer replacement cables for the Ridgid K102 or K204 sewer cleaning machines.

Our flexible shafts are more rigid than their Ridgid counterparts, which our clients prefer because the rigidity prevents the shaft from coiling on the inner diameter of their pipes during cleaning or blockage removal.

Lubricate the flex shaft

Please ensure that you lubricate your flexible shaft before using it, as aviation law prohibits us from delivering products that may be considered flammable, and we send the shafts without lubricant in the sleeve.

Shaft thickness

The thickness of the shaft you choose depends on the number of bends you need to pass through. The 6mm (1/4") flexible shaft is ideal for 50mm (2") pipes and can handle multiple bends but has limited torque, making it more suitable for blockage removal than descaling. The 8mm (5/16”) flexible shaft is more flexible than the 6mm (1/4") shaft and can pass through multiple bends, making it ideal for pipes with diameters of 75mm (3”) to 100mm (4”), and it works well with blockage removal chains as well as descaling chains.

The 10mm (3/8") flexible shaft is less flexible than the 8mm (5/16") shaft but more flexible than the 12mm (1/2") shaft, making it suitable for pipes ranging from 75mm (3”) to 150mm (6”). The 12mm (1/2") flexible shaft is our most rigid shaft, making it ideal for descaling and blockage removal of lines ranging from 100mm (4”) to 200mm (8”).

Shaft length

Most blockages occur within 20 meters (65ft), and cleanouts are usually located 25 meters (80ft) apart. Consider purchasing two shorter shafts with a shaft connector instead of one long shaft. Please note that the longer your shaft is, the less torque is delivered to the other end.

The life expectancy and quality of a shaft depends on selecting the right design. Our flexible shafts are made by winding several layers of high-quality spring-grade wire around a single mandrel, ensuring long-lasting, reliable performance.

Our shafts are measured at the minimum length and are provided slightly longer than the minimum so that clients can attach their different size tools to the shaft. When you first use your shaft, you may notice that the ends shrink a little, which is normal since the shaft is subjected to the stresses of multiple bends and torque for the first time. After the first inner strands of the shaft settle into their permanent position, the shrinkage will cease. Simply cut off the shrunken section with an angle grinder when you notice this. While it is not necessary to weld the ends, you may do so if you prefer.

Size Chart / System Conversion