Pro Tip #3 - How to make more income with our Point Repair solutions

Pro Tip #3 - How to make more income with our Point Repair solutions

Learn how to up your revenue and profits and extend your service offering with Point Repair solutions from Pipemade.
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Now this one's a BIIIG one! About 7 years ago, when I first started working with connection lining and patch lining in small diameter, in-house projects, my mind was blown away. You know, b-l-o-w-n.

At the time we had already done basic patch work with standard packers, patches and silicates. But we wanted something more. We wanted to have a set of tooling and materials that would work to our way of life, and still sacrifice as little as possible from the main factors of greatness in traditional patch lining: Fast curing time, and easy installations.

It wasn't easy, but like always before, Finland delivered again. The market started operating with modern packers able of installing both - straight liners AND connection liners instead of top hats. These made-to-measure liners opened up a completely new world to in-house relining. Of course, the standard methods of overlapping installations (read: ONLY with Brawoliner) were and still are operational and a great way of making headway in installation efficiency, if you know what you're doing.

But with the connection liner tools, everything became so much easier. As long as you know the connection you're about to repair or install as a part of complete piping rehabilitation, you'd be good to go. Just pick the connection liner with the correct main and branch size, the correct angle degree and go. We were suddenly able to make sure that the quality of the installations was on par with what the market was expecting, and there weren't that many shortcuts for companies to take. The results were great.

To be honest, these methods were originally developed to make our "complete in-house rehabilitations" complete. You know, the Nordic step by step process for relining, where you line each and every part of the piping. Mains, stacks, apartments, laterals, everything. That of course includes the connections in order to make sure the system is, and will stay, 100% seamless and tight. In part, the connection liners were developed to replace overlapping installations, which could not be executed with felt liners therefore leaving much to hope for cost wise. But soon enough, the connection liners found their place in Point Repair projects as well.

As it is with standard point repairs in straight lines, many of the same laws apply in Connection Lining as well. You have a set of tools, materials and chemistry that you mix in a professional manner to produce a high quality outcome for your customer. As these technologies and materials have developed over the years, it has become more and more obvious that the connection lining process will step out on it's own as a single point repair process.

And now it has. So you have the awesome option of widening your service portfolio with not one, but two great services: Patch Lining, and Connection Lining.

Each of these services are crucial to maintaining the life of a sewer pipe. Of course, as mentioned earlier, the ultimate way to go about is the complete relining. But where and when that is not a viable option due to cost related factors or other reasons, patching is a great, cost-effective alternative offering your clients peace of mind about the health of their drainage even though they are not able to have them fixed 100%.

You can and should price Patch Lining and Connection Lining as standalone services. These services pair up nicely with your drain inspection & cleaning services already, and in most cases end up bringing much needed excess profits from several service calls you and/or your techs do on a daily basis.

To get started with Patch & Connection Lining as a Point Repair services, don't hesitate to contact us. We are constantly training technicians and entrepreneurs to these great new technologies - from both technical and commercial aspects. With us you'll learn what tools you need, how to utilize them, the traditional pitfalls of these techniques and also the business side - how to market & sell the services, how to price yourself in a profitable way and how to make sure the customer experience is top notch.

We are constantly working on making it easier for entrepreneurs like you grow your business. We are packaging things in as neat way as possible to minimize your time spent on procurement. For example, check this patch lining kit out:

Everything you need to start patch lining apartment lines. Just add another kit for Connections, and you already got yourself a new business.

Pretty cool, huh?


Hopefully you learned something neat & new from this brief article.

As always, we are doing this for you. If you have any questions or if there's anything at all we can help you with, never hesitate to contact us through sales(at)

Have an awesome day!

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