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Maxi Miller Plus | Miller Range | Picote Solutions | picote-maxi-miller-plus

Picote Solutions

Maxi Miller Plus

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Beast of a machine from Picote Solutions! The Maxi Miller is one of the most capable upper-end small diameter cleaning & descaling machines in the market.

There's no relining business without the Maxi. Getting this machine opens the door for new jobs potential for your company such as blockage and root removal, as well as light and heavy descaling, reinstating lines in CIPP, epoxy brush coating and liner removals, concrete removal and so much more.

A true multitalent, if you ask us. The Maxi Miller Plus has the same great features of the Maxi Miller but with a removable control unit on a 5m cord.


12mm Shaft with Thick Outer Casing.
Separate Control Box with 5m cord.
High Speed Cleaning DN70-250, Cutting DN70-200 & Brush Coating DN70-300.
Range: 30m. Max Range: 40m with extension.
Weight: 93kg. Speed: 500-1475rpm.
Can be extended 10m (Extension: 1312021125010 Shaft 12mm Thick 10m)

Standard safety features include: protective outer shaft casing | operator presence foot control | electric safety clutch and E-stop.

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