BatteryLink™ Foot Pedal
BatteryLink™ Foot Pedal
BatteryLink™ Foot Pedal
BatteryLink™ Foot Pedal
BatteryLink™ Foot Pedal


BatteryLink™ Foot Pedal

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Operate the flex shaft with a foot pedal!

Step into the future of drain cleaning with the improved Pipemade BatteryLink™ Foot Pedal. Engineered with the wisdom of industry stalwart Mark Foley, this revolutionary accessory lets you wield your flex shaft like a pro, boosting efficiency and safety on the job.

Get a grip on control with the BatteryLink™ Foot Pedal. Our latest model connects seamlessly to your cordless drill and flex shaft, making it a breeze to maneuver. Just fasten the battery adapter, lock the drill trigger with our Velcro Trigger Strap, and bam! You're operating with the ease of a foot pedal, leaving both hands free to manage those unexpected curveballs.

For Milwaukee Drills (more options coming soon!)

We've got your drilling preferences covered. Choose BatteryLink™ Foot Pedal for Milwaukee drills, and step up your efficiency like never before. More pedals for different drill models coming soon! Send us a message in chat and let us know if you want an e-mail notification about new pedal models. Currently the foot pedal does not have adjustable speed control.

Durability Meets Efficiency

Designed for the American hard-hat wearing, drain-busting pros, this bad boy is all about durability. With a Battery Adapter cast from top-notch PE plastic and a sturdy aluminum Foot Pedal, this tool is built to last. It also comes with a robust 5-foot electric cord that's ready to take on any worksite.

Safety First with The BatteryLink™ Foot Pedal

Worried about your drill spinning out of control? Fear not! Our kit includes a Velcro Trigger Strap and an aluminum lock stick to keep that drill in check, even when your hands are off. You can say goodbye to unpredictable spins and hello to enhanced safety.

Speaking of safety, the BatteryLink™ Foot Pedal is all about keeping you out of harm's way. With two hands on the flex shaft, you'll navigate any on-the-job surprises like a seasoned vet, reducing personal injury risk. Plus, with that 5-foot connection cord, you can position the pedal wherever it fits best, giving you complete control of your workspace.

Free Shipping, Direct to Your Doorstep (In USA/Canada)

Did we mention we're tossing in free shipping? That's right! Free delivery across the US, so you can keep those dollars in your pocket where they belong. And rest easy knowing this top-tier accessory is proudly manufactured right here in the United States.

So, what are you waiting for, American drain heroes? Boost your performance, improve your safety, and turn drain cleaning into a walk in the park. Grab the Pipemade BatteryLink™ Foot Pedal today and step into a new era of drain cleaning efficiency. The power is literally at your feet.

Technical specifications

Product weight: 1.2 lb
Connection cord length: 5 feet (1.5 meters)

(Note: Milwaukee Drill and Battery shown in photos not included)

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