When lining towards a main or connection it is possible that the installation may inadvertently extend past the end of the pipe. This can create blockages and backups which can cause significant damage and expense. In these situations, Picote Pipe Cutters are fantastic tools to quickly and easily remove an overshot lining that has extended into a connection.

The Pipe Cutter Ultra Flex has panels with hardened steel button teeth and can navigate bends up to 90°.
Pipe Cutter Ultra Flex is self centering and designed for cutting off overshot linings that occur directly after a bend.

Simply attach the Pipe Cutter to your Miller, push it in place from the lateral and quickly cut off the excess lining.

Pipe Cutter DN70: Can be operated by the Mini, Super Midi, or Maxi Miller.
Pipe Cutter DN100 & DN150: Can be used with the Super Midi and Maxi Miller.
Pipe Cutter DN200: Can be combined with the Maxi Miller.


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